To all our friends, family, and clients,

The Nunno Group is taking several steps to ensure the safety and well being of our friends, family, and clients alike. Although we are still working, we would like to share some insight into how and what we are doing to take precautions during these uneasy times.

To start, real estate continues to be an essential business as many people have already sold properties and still need to purchase, are in the middle of moving, need to find new a rental, or have chosen to list their property for several reasons. We have already established electronic filing, offers, and agreements long before covid-19 was affecting traditional ways of business. This is also not the first time we have used technology other than in-person showings to sell houses and offer a variety of ways to tour homes virtually.

Currently, all of our listings are vacant and have all been professionally cleaned. We are asking that potential buyers and their agents who are still comfortable attending showings to please wash their hands and encourage the use of gloves.

As stated, we offer virtual tours and welcome individuals who are interested to embrace this as an option to facilitate business and use technology to our benefit at this time.

These unprecedented times have many people wondering about the market, their own homes, real estate values, and their future plans. As of now we are still seeing very positive stats in the real estate industry. Offers are still taking place and homes are still selling. There are many people who feel comfortable and in fact, would like to take advantage of lower competition and competitive rates. At the same time, there are several people who do not feel comfortable and wish to revisit any real estate decisions at a later date. Both of these situations are personal decisions and we encourage our clients to do what makes them feel best while providing them with information, research, and assistance with any decisions they make.

If you, or someone you know is thinking about selling or buying, real estate in the near future, now may be the perfect time to organize your house, declutter, and make a plan. If you would like advice on any of these things or simply need something to take your mind off of current events, we are now offering complimentary virtual consultations in which our in-house design team will provide pre-listing advice to you as well as your own customized and easy to follow TO DO list. If this is something that interests you while spending some additional time indoors, please reach out and we will be happy to facilitate. If you are just generally curious about what is happening at the ground level of our real estate interactions, feel free to give us a call, we have a ton of extra time :).

More importantly, if there is anyone that needs assistance that you know of who may be unable to run to the store or pick up essentials, please reach out to us as a member of our group may be able to help.

Let’s remember, we are all in this together! Staying positive, taking walks, and using this time to appreciate our homes, family and friends is what will keep us safe, healthy and above all, happy!

All of us at The Nunno Group.

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